The Dorian Fund L.P.┬áis a Houston Texas based Registered Investment Adviser Firm organized in 2013 under the laws of Texas. The firm provides investment advisory services to The Dorian Fund Group LP a “Global Macro Volatility Hedge Fund” that was formatted in 2014 under the laws of Delaware. The Dorian Fund Group is currently closed to all new investors.

O’Brian Woods is Founder and Controlling Person of both The Dorian Fund L.P. and The Dorian Fund Group LP, collectively referred to as “The Dorian Fund.” The firm’s primary business is to manage client and proprietary capital through global macro hedge fund strategies. The firm has a comprehensive mandate to seek out trade and investment ideas across all global markets and instruments.

The primary focus of the firm is to seek out global investment opportunities that can be executed through advanced option strategies. The firm is most of the time a net-seller of options. The firm believes that the use of options allows the firm to deploy client and proprietary capital with the most efficacy of all trading instruments.

The principal investment strategy for the firm is to utilize a top-down macroeconomic approach to determine how to deploy capital across stock, bond, commodity, currency, and future markets. Once opportunities are ascertained the firm’s trading method to take advantage of the prospects are predominantly executed through advanced option strategies. To minimize risk when implementing a plan the firm is always hedging on an instrument and/or portfolio level.

The Dorian Fund’s Mission Statement: We will always strive to focus on performance and not asset gathering as the firm’s primary goal. We will always seek out investment opportunities across all global markets. We will always use advanced option strategies based on implied volatility and probabilities as our chief trade and investment approach. We will always strive to protect the firm’s assets and reputation. We will always endeavor to be in compliance with laws and regulations.